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Painting Stories-4 (Aparigrah-2)-Blog 13

I have made a few paintings depicting some Jain philosophies such as Parigrah, Aparigrah, Parigrah-Aparigrah, Shatt Leshya, Anekant, and Ahimsa.

On the philosophy of Aparigrah I have made four paintings. In this blog I shall describe the painting titled Aparigrah-2.


Watercolor on Fabriano paper 15″x22″

In Jain religion, mainly practised in India, Aparigrah (अपरिग्रह ) means renouncing or detaching oneself or possessing less. Painted in saffron-yellow color, this painting depicts tranquility and quest for light and salvation. Digambar Jain saints (Munis-मुनि) who are naked, have been shown in a very faint manner. In fact they can barely be seen in the painting. The third from the left is seated. The rest five are in standing posture.

The six Muni’s

Digambar Jain Munis practise high order of Aparigrah, so much so that they relinquish even the clothes, and remain naked. The only two possessions that they have are one water-vessel (कमण्डल) and one broom of peacock feathers (मोरपिच्छि, पिच्छि). The water-vessel is meant for ablutions and the peacock feather broom for removing the insects while seating or walking so as to avoid injury to the tiniest of creatures. The feathers that are used are the ones shed naturally by male peacock after the mating season in the winter month of Kartik (कार्तिक)as per Hindu lunar calendar. The period falls around Deepawali time. The reason for using peacock feathers is that these feathers are extremely soft and gentle. The munis may keep two more articles with them. The eyeglasses if they need them for reading, and the scriptures.

In the painting each muni is shown with a water-vessel, and a peacock feather broom.

The peacock feather broom -pichchhi (पिच्छि)

The water-vessel (कमण्डल)

The painting has been done on 15″x22″ size Fabriano brand 300 gsm watercolor paper.

For more details such as framed size and the wall view, please click here

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