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11 paintings on the walls of Goldman Sachs India office at Bengaluru

Sam Balsara

Sam Balsara, CMD Madison World India-and Art Collector bought in Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai, 2013

Vijay’s three beautiful paintings now adorn my living room. Ever since we have installed them the happiness quotient of my living room has gone up; thanks to the cheerful, lively and aesthetic ambiance created by these paintings. The paintings are also very well framed and presented. Looking forward to more wonderful work from Vijay.

Dr Dinesh Nair

Dr Dinesh Nair, Cardiologist at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, Singapore. Year 2022

Vijay recently presented me with one of his precious paintings, titled Vasant Ritu.  I was so honored and overwhelmed. This exquisite painting now adorns the wall at the entrance of our clinic. It is an outstanding piece of artwork with vibrant colours depicting the Spring Season. A creative portrayal of the poet Kalidas’s writings and observations.

Ms. Radha Dhir, MD Deutsche Bank-India

Vijay says ” I paint for your joy “. And that is exactly how we feel when we see his paintings. There is a sense of peace, calmness and happiness in his works. We recently picked up The Raven Deity paintings from his Land of Happiness series – seen in this photo. All his paintings are beautifully framed, come with authentication and are packed professionally and delivered to your home. He is truly an inspiration to us – his energy and dedication and his passion for painting is exemplary. We are privileged to have his works in our home. Looking forward to his next series.

Watch video testimonial on left

Maureen Sachdev

Maureen Sachdev, Retired U.N. consultant, New Delhi

I do not claim to be an expert on art. But I do know when a painting touches a chord.
Vijay Kiyawat’s works reflect a convincingly true depiction of landscapes, seasons and nature.
His mature brush strokes and colour combinations are heart-warming and pleasing.

Naoki Isetani

Naoki Isetani, General Manager - Bank of Tokyo Japan, IHC New Delhi, 2014

Martina Henkel - German tourist in India, IHC New Delhi 2014

Martina Henkel

I was a tourist in Delhi in February 2014. I was walking through the streets discovering what the huge city was offering to me. I am an art lover and to my big surprise, I could find the wonderful exhibition of Vijay Kiyawat. I was impressed by the wonderful colouring of his works and the very fine and subtle way to show the beauty of nature. I could feel the meditation in his works to bring the watching people in contact with the subtle worlds of energies in all beings. So I decided to buy the most beautiful and peaceful painting (my opinion), bought it on the spot, and asked for shipping to Germany. The painting was elegantly framed, labeled at the back, and accompanied by the artists signed certificate of authenticity. It was professionally packed and reached my doorstep in good condition all the way from India.I am really very happy with my treasure I found it totally unexpected. I am really very happy to see it every day guiding me into a kingdom of phantasy and beauty and alive nature in the most pretty way. The painting has not found its place yet, because I am in a totally changing situation of my life. But it is a faithful companion through all my days.To illustrate my words I send some pictures of delivery and   packaging.To illustrate my words I send some pictures of delivery and packaging.Thank you for all that you gave to me.Blessings and love.

Deeptha and Dinesh Khanna

Deeptha and Dinesh Khanna, Amsterdam, at the Affordable Art Fair Singapore, November 2016

Our family was delighted and privileged to buy one of Vijay uncle’s paintings. We love art that creates a sense of calm and happiness and his work does this with great elegance. There is a wonderful fluidity and grace to his depictions that transport one to a more peaceful, restful world. It is also so inspiring to see how one can continue to enrich life’s journey with new learning and focus at every stage. Both his work and his personal example are a great source of energy and inspiration for us.

Solil Chatterjee

Solil Chatterjee - an art collector in Delhi

Being an avid collector of the “Bengal School of Art”, I, therefore, have a very specific preference for the subtlety of colors and compositions of works of this school. I have followed this artist’s evolution through more than 6 years and have come to conclude that his unique individual style, whatever its avatar, most effectively captures the subtlety of shapes and colors that underlie the Bengal School.

I am a fan of Vijay

Diptendu Mohan Sen

Diptendu Mohan Sen - Retired Managing Director of a Brasilian Company, 2017

Dreamy ethereal images that take you to another world where things are otherworldly! Soft colour composition takes away the harshness of everyday living.

Mahesh Samat

Mahesh Samat - art collector - CEO Disney Asia, IHC New Delhi 2011 

We have bought two watercolours from Vijay Kiyawat. He is an artist with a unique and poetic world view. His watercolours reflect positive energy that is quite refreshing. Elements of nature, serenity, and colour are beautifully meshed to give a Zen experience to the viewer. We have gifted one of the paintings to our parents who are also delighted with this unusual gift. The paintings came authenticated, on time and packed professionally and painlessly. We are looking forward to his next series!

Sunil Duggal

Sunil Duggal - art collector - CEO Dabur India, IHC New Delhi, 2011

Vijay has a unique style evocative of a more pastoral era reminiscent of oriental gardens. His use of watercolours is marked with grace, economy, and fluidity. His works bring an aroma of peace and harmony in any space.

Kamala and Subramanian

Kamala and Subramanian, IIT engineer - retired CEO, New Delhi, 2020

The painting one sees on the wall is the one created by Vijay Kiyawat- a painter specializing in use of water colour. The poppy flower seen in the painting is a part of the meditation series created by this artist. This painting subtly depicts the journey filled with peace and tranquillity- which incidentally we can relate to our meditation practice. We are honored to have this painting in our home – which for us is a lovely piece of artwork created by an engineer artist who has painted for our joy with his heart and soul.

Shikha and Bireswar Mitra

Shikha and Bireswar Mitra - IIT engineer - retired CEO, Pune, 2017

My husband went to college with him and we have been friends for more than three decades now. Vijay started painting after retirement and on one of my visits to Delhi, I was amazed at his talent, which was hidden for so many years.I longed to possess one of his paintings and now we are the proud owners of two of his paintings from his Meditation Series. The paintings are exquisite, and the detailing work never seizes to amaze me. Each time I look at those paintings. they give me a sense of peace and calm and a sense of pride. His medium of water colors is the toughest in this art form and he does it with so much beauty and aesthetics. It is said that one learns easily at a young age, but Vijay’s art proves that one can revive all his talents at any age and at any time, if one has the dedication and willing to work hard. What a fantastic way to enjoy one’s retirement years! Enjoy yourself, Vijay! Hoping to acquire some more of your artwork in the near future! Shikha Mitra Pune, India

Bindu and Mahendra Gambhir, Jt. MD Duraline India, Triveni Art Gallery New Delhi, 2010

While we may not be art connoisseurs Vijay’s paintings have an instant appeal. The painting adorning our living room provides a sense of visual rhythm inspired by the cacophony of daily life. The enigmatic work of art, clearly narrates the thought behind the painting which in our case was the true bliss of meditation, signified beautifully with colourful hues. Further, his intense effort in each of his art gems is perceptible not only on the canvas, but includes the elegant frame corresponding to the work of art and the back label briefly describing the painting as well. Having been to several Exhibitions participated by Vijay, I can conclude with absolute conviction that not only are his compositions profound and well thought of, they have an engaging palette and invigorating brushwork as well.

Watch video testimonial on left

Nirupama and Dr Nirmal Jain

Nirupama and Dr Nirmal Jain - CEO Tata Infotech., Mumbai

Thank you Mr. Vijay Kiyawat. I should confess that your mesmerising painting in our home adds a new level of romance each day.

Ajay-Amita Sethi

Ajay-Amita Sethi of Singapore

Prashant Jain

Prashant Jain-MD GE Power India 

I am proud to have a piece of spiritual and creative intelligence from Mr. Vijay Kiyawat, a person who is an inspirational institution by himself. This piece of minimalism reminds sustainability in the midst of consumerism.

Madhu Bhalla Ahluwalia

Madhu Bhalla Ahluwalia - artist & art collector, Triveni Gallery New Delhi, 2010

Vijay’s paintings are a fine balance of harmony and colour, soothing to the eye. I had bought one of his paintings 4 -5 years ago, at his exhibition at Triveni and even today, when I look closely at it, I see new perspectives and it continues to imbibe a sense of peace in me. Many of his paintings are inspired by his overseas travels, and I especially connected with the Spanish ones during his last exhibition, held earlier this year at the Habitat, as I had lived there myself……The framing of the painting is excellent, as is the back frame. Overall, the framing had been executed very neatly. It is of high quality.
I highly recommend Vijay’s paintings for your collection.

Aparajito Ram and Patricia

Patricia and Aparajito Ram - Global Category Director Reckitt at the Affordable Art Fair Singapore, November 2016

Sarah Chaplin and Peter Francis

Sarah Chaplin and Peter Francis of Australia at the Affordable Art Fair Singapore, November 2016

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