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Arty Charity Scheme

Donate to IIT KGP and buy art at 50% discount from a fellow KGPian

   It works like this:

  • You should have donated to IIT KGP. The discount amount shall be limited to your donation amount. For example, if you have donated Rs.100,000 you can buy up Rs.200,000 worth of paintings at 50% discount.

  • To encourage new donations to IIT the discount is offered only on fresh donations, not older than 30 days from date of purchase of paintings.

  • You need to buy online from website

  • Clickhere for the selection of paintings in descending order of prices. The prices indicated are pre-discount. There are 3 price variations depending upon where you want the delivery. Choose one. The price includes elegant framing and shipping to any address in the world.

  • Email at the painting title and it’s “vk” number that is mentioned alongside the title of each painting. Also, email your donation details.

  • After verifying that your donation amount at least equals 50% of the value of the selected paintings, a coupon code shall be emailed to you.

  • Please use the coupon code and buy the selected paintings online. The system will apply 50% discount.

You will be pleased to know that already several KGPians have availed of this offer to help our alma mater.

For any clarifications, please contact:

Vijay Kiyawat - Singapore


Ph. +65 87642636


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