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  • 1. Does the painting come framed?
    Yes, it does. The price includes framing. I frame the painting elegantly using professional and experienced framers. However, if you have any specific framing need to go with your decor, you may write to me and I shall be happy to let you know if there would be any extra charge.
  • 2. What is the cost of shipping to me?
    For shipping within India the applicable prices indicated on the website are inclusive of packing and shipping by surface transport to any place in India. The painting comes to your doorstep in that price. For shipping outside India, the applicable price includes the cost of packing and shipping by air to your address anywhere in the world-excluding Hawaii, Alaska, Tahiti, and such remote destinations. Transit insurance is included in the price for all shipments. For collection from my New Delhi Studio, the applicable price is for a securely wrapped painting.
  • 3. When will I receive the painting after placing the order?
    Generally within 2 weeks in India and 4 weeks outside India. Force majeure conditions and exceptional situations may take longer.
  • 4. What if I receive the painting in damaged condition?
    Please examine the packing before accepting delivery from the delivery person. If there is any visible damage, then take open delivery of the painting. If damage is on the painting as well, please get it certified by the delivery person on the delivery document, dated, and signed; and immediately report to me on I shall process the insurance claim for which your help in the form of attending to insurance surveyor at your place may be sought. I shall refund to you the payment received from you in 30 days.
  • 5. What kind of framing is adopted for the paintings?
    The framing is done in transparent Acrylic Plastic sheet of 3mm thickness. Glass, that is heavy and prone to breaking, is not used. Border of the frame is of solid hand finished wood appropriately stained/painted to go well with the painting. Generally double mounts (mats) are used. Mount widths are generally weighted to have slightly larger width at the bottom. My experienced framer carefully chooses the frame dimensions. The overall effect is extremely pleasing and color harmonic. The frame has the hanging harness fitted at the back that makes it ready to hang on firmly held screws on the wall. In my experience, no past customer of mine has ever thought of changing the original frame. Having said this, if you still want me to provide any specific type of framing to suit your decor, I shall be happy to let you know how much extra (if at all) that would cost.
  • 6. What if I am not satisfied with the painting or the framing or anything concerning the painting that I purchased?
    I have a very friendly no- questions-asked Returns and Exchange policy. However, the return or the exchange must be made within 30 days of purchase and the painting must come back to me in good condition. Thereafter, the return or exchange would not be possible. You must prepay packing and shipping costs for returns. For returns within India, I refund 90% of the purchase price. For returns from outside India, I refund 85% of the purchase price. There may be additional deductions if there are expenses incurred by me towards inward duties, taxes, and levies while receiving the painting from you. I shall provide you receipts for such payments. I make the refund within a week of receipt of the painting in good condition. Under the exchange policy, you may buy another painting instead of asking for refund for the returned painting. The differential amount is to be paid by you to me or me to you. Please see detailed Returns and Exchange policy in this website.
  • 7. What is the paper used for paintings?
    I always use world’s top quality acid free archival papers having long life. The brands usually are Arches of France, Waterford of UK, and Fabriano of Italy. These brands are choice of the great watercolor masters of the world for centuries. For example Arches Paper was used by several masters such as Picasso, Chagall, Warhol, Ingres, Miro etc. I generally use 300gsm (140lbs) CP fine grain paper. In some paintings, I have used heavier paper of 650gsm (300lbs). Description of each painting mentions the weight and the brand of paper used.
  • 8. How am I assured of authenticity of the paintings?
    The on-line ordering website is owned by myself to promote my own art. Therefore, the question of fakes does not arise at all. With every purchase a Certificate of Authenticity, mentioning purchaser’s name, and having picture of the painting is supplied for provenance. I sign the certificate.
  • 9. Is there any written description of the painting somewhere?
    Yes, the description of the painting appears below the painting image when its enlarged view is opened. Also, a printed label that has the picture, the title, the description, and the cleaning instructions comes pasted behind the frame.
  • 10. Is there any special cleaning recommendation for maintaining long life of the frame?
    Yes, the back label also has the cleaning instructions for the transparent Acrylic sheet. Basically what it says is to use soft cloth that is clean and damp to wipe the front. Dry cloth should be avoided as it leads to building electrostatic charges that are prone to gathering dust, causing scratches.
  • 11. Is reproduction of the painting allowed?
    No. Please read the terms of sale that you have signed while making purchase of the painting. It prohibits any form of reproduction.
  • 12. How will I be able to judge the size of the painting to decide its suitability in the area where I wish to place it?
    Size of the painting with it’s frame is mentioned by the side of the painting image in this website. “Wall View” also appears below the enlarged image. In this view, one sees the relative size of the painting on wall behind a 6 feet long sofa. The color of the frame is also shown in this view.
  • 13. Are there any guidelines for placing the painting in an area?
    Please place in an area that is dry, not damp. Direct sunlight should be avoided at any cost as that may lead to fading of colors. If properly placed with these precautions, the painting should last you decades. The watercolors and the paper are of reputed quality, assuring long life.
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