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Welcome to my new website Blog 1

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  4. Mood uplifting painting

  5. Vibrant color painting

  6. Paintings on seasons

  7. Abstract garden painting

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The above are key phrases for my reference. In red are the phrases shown in the blog.

Welcome to my new website

The new website is easy to navigate. Among several new features, it has description of each work, the paper used, the color & size of the frame, and how it would look when hung in a room in relation to a 6 feet sofa.

The site also has testimonials concerning my art from several buyers. The one from a Germanbuyer admires the professional packing and timely delivery to her home in Germany.

As online buying of art gathers increasing popularity all over the world,this new website enables one to buymy Watercolor paintings onlinefrom anywhere in the world. It also enables the buyer to have it delivered anywhere in the world. It is an excellent method of gifting a mood uplifting paintingof an Indian Watercolorist to your near and dear.

You have option of paying in US Dollars or Indian Rupees. You can chose to have the painting collected from my Delhi studio, or have it delivered to an Indian address, or to an address outside India. The prices are different in each case.

The site has a feature to arrange paintings in ascending or descending order of price. This feature should facilitate selection to suit one’s budget.

Those who fear, or are time-constrained to visit galleries, must read the tab “Merits of buying on line”. The write up will give them confidence to buypaintings for office or paintings for home online. My no-questions-asked Return and Exchange policy protects the buyer completely, just in case the painting when received does not fulfill expectations.

Please do spend a few minutesbrowsing this new site. I will be happy to hear from you your suggestions and comments.

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