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Painting Stories-Shatt Leshya, a Jain Philosophy (षट लेश्या)-Blog 19

In this blog I describe the 6 paintings that I have done on the Jain concept of Shatt Leshya (षट लेश्या). Earlier I have done paintings on Jain Philosophies of Parigrah (परिग्रह), and Aparigrah (अपरिग्रह).

Shatt (षट) means six. Leshya (लेश्या) means a mental propensity, the inclination or natural tendency to behave in a certain way. The concept of Shatt Leshya grades human beings in 6 types and assigns 6 colors to their souls. Color of the soul of person having the cruelest, most envious, most deceitful grade is black. This Leshya is called Krishn (कृष्ण) Leshya.

Then follow the blue color of Neel Leshya (नील), grey color of Kapot Leshya (कापोत), yellow color of Peet Leshya (पीत), pink color of Padm leshya (पद्म), and lastly the white color of Shukl Leshya (शुक्ल).

The soul of the person having the noblest Leshya is white (शुक्ल). This person is the most humble, most pious, most detached.

A very common example is used in Jain scriptures to explain the concept of six Leshyas. The example is portrayed in the six paintings below.

The person of Krishn Leshya’s has black colored soul and high degree of cruelty, evil words, evil deeds. This person has cut off a tree totally from the trunk itself for obtaining fruits, unmindful of the damage caused to whole tree. Click here for more details.

Krishn Leshya

A person of Neel (blue) Leshya cuts off boughs of the tree to eat fruits. There is huge wastage of fruits and damage to the tree. Click here for more details

Neel Leshya

A person of Kapot (Grey) Leshya cuts the branches of tree to eat fruits, casing some degree of damage to the tree and wastage of fruits. Click here fore more details.

Kapot Leshya

A person of Peet (yellow) Leshya breaks off twigs to get clusters of fruits to eat. Lot of fruit is still wasted in this way. Click here for more details

A person of Padm (pink) Leshya plucks only the fruits that are required for eating. The tree still suffers some damage, though to a very less degree. Click here for more details

A person of Shukl (white) Leshya does not take anything from the tree directly. Only the fallen ripe fruits are picked up for eating. There is no damage to the tree and no wastage of fruits. This person is so noble that even the plant life it not hurt by him. Click here for more details

These 6 paintings have been done in square format on 11″x11″ Watercolor Arches Watercolor paper. The framing is rectangular vertical in 19″x14″ size. Solid white painted wooden frame, double mount board, and Acrylic unbreakable transparent sheet front have been used for exquisite looks. Label behind the frame describes the concept of each painting and has frame cleaning instructions. Certificate of authenticity accompanies each painting. The 6 paintings form a set.

Readers may send their questions and comments to me by clicking on Leave a commenton the top of this blog.

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