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Krishn Leshya-Shatt Leshya Philosophy in Jain Religion (vk-251)

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Jainism Series
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Watercolor on Aches paper
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Painting Description:

Jain Religion (origin India) describes a concept named Shatt Leshya (षट लेश्या). Shatt means six. Leshya means a mental propensity, the inclination or natural tendency to behave in a certain way. The concept of Shatt Leshya grades human beings in 6 types and assigns 6 colors (of souls) to them. The worst grade (Krishn or Black) is most cruel, most deceitful, most envious. The noblest (Shukl or White) is most humble, most pious, most detached. A very common example is used to explain the concept. For eating fruits a person of Krishn (Black) Leshya cuts off the entire tree, person of Neel (Blue) Leshya cuts off the tree boughs, person of Kapot (Grey) Leshya cuts off branches, person of Peet (Yellow) Leshya breaks off twigs to get clusters of fruits, person of Padm (Pink) Leshya plucks only the fruits that are required for eating, and person of Shukl (White) Leshya picks only the fallen fruits for eating, causing no harm to the tree. The example of obtaining fruits from trees by different degrees of cruelty or piousness is portrayed in a set of 6 paintings on Leshya. This painting portrays Krishn Leshya’s Black color and maximum cruelty, evil words, evil deeds. The tree that has been cut off totally from the trunk itself for obtaining fruits is also shown.

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